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  • Have you heard of Frozen Snapping?
    Have you heard of Frozen Snapping? No it’s not what you do when you take out some sausages from the freezer and need to bang them on the kitchen counter to separate them or find the nearest tongs to snap them apart. (Or am I the only one who does… ... read more
    Source: Helen BlundenPublished on 2016-10-17By activatelearning
  • How to fix our senseless compliance training
    All big organisations have a Learning Management System. It’s used to track and record the training that the employees do. In practice, it tends to be used to administer compliance training, though it can be much broader than that. And this is a good thing. Despite the scorn that LMS’s… ... read more
    Source: Ryan TraceyPublished on 2016-10-03By Ryan Tracey
  • Putting Trust First
    First a short story.  This weekend I was out and about when I was hit with the inspiration to make Chili Verde. I had all the ingredients at home, except for tomatillos. This would mean a trip to my favorite market, but it was really out of the… ... read more
    Source: Shannon TiptonPublished on 2016-08-30By Shannon Tipton
  • FocusOn Learning Day 3, my Summary, and Leaving Austin
    This is my fifth and final post about the FocusOn Learning conference that wrapped in Austin, Texas. This video log discusses day 3 of the conference, my brief summary, and leaving Austin. In this video, David Kelly, Bianca Woods, Joe Ganci, and Nancy Reyes. This also includes a brief clip of my… ... read more
    Source: Tom SpiglaninPublished on 2016-06-14By Tom Spiglanin
  • Downsizing Casualties – A form of Professional PTSD?
    HR Planning and Strategy courses eventually come around to the distasteful topic of “downsizing”. They talk about “survivors” and politely organic methods of reducing headcounts, like attrition, and smart moves like work redesign and evolution, but there are many times when an organization – rightly or wrongly – just chooses… ... read more
    Source: Mark SheppardPublished on 2016-03-21By Mark L. Sheppard
  • Leveraging the Pharma Cycle Meetings
    Cycle meetings or POA (plan of action) meetings are common staple a few times  a year within the pharmaceutical business. These meetings usually bring together the sales colleagues and present an opportunity to calibrate the team on action plans, build reinforcement around key strategies, provide an update on the market… ... read more
    Source: Sunder RamachandranPublished on 2016-02-24

Recently a friend of mine asked me for advice on online assessment platforms. Unfortunately I wasn't much help. I have spent the vast majority of...

In my latest blog post, I outlined 5 attributes of the dark side of gamification. My point wasn't that gamification is necessarily bad; on the...