Helen Blunden

Helen Blunden


My name is Helen Blunden and I’m the founder of Activate Learning Solutions.

I believe that your business is only as strong as the knowledge, skills and networks of your people and how your people relate to your customers.

With over 23 years in Learning and Development in private, public and not-for-profit organisations, I have seen that the successful businesses are the ones who engage their people through learning within the flow of their normal every day work within their own workplace and providing access to online and social tools to connect with subject matter experts and their customers globally. This allows the free flow of conversations, knowledge sharing and collaborations to occur across your business and with your customers.

What does this mean for you and your business?

Our world is changing every day. Those businesses and people who have harnessed the power of connecting with their customers through social web based networks and online communities and who self direct their own learning to continually develop their subject matter expertise through extensive global networks, will be your competitive advantage.

How I Can Help Your Business

Whether small business or large, I will:

  1. Analyse your current business processes and training programs to ensure that they are working for you and are right for your business needs and performance.
    Show you how to build and create internal capability through social learning networks, collaborative tools and apps that are available from your desktop or mobile devices today that you can immediately put into place which translates to value, productivity and engagement of your people.
  2. Coach your teams on how to use social and collaboration platforms, tools and apps for sharing knowledge and expertise, connect with others and build their internal and external networks
  3. Design, develop and conduct social learning guided programs to enable your teams to use the tools and apps around your particular business performance issues.
  4. With a background in facilitator-led instruction, online, blended and social learning, I practice what I preach – and I share my work. I regularly use the same social networking and collaboration tools for my own professional and personal development and can coach your people to incorporate these tools into their daily workplace activities.

I present at various Learning Conferences around Australia on how people can use social media for their personal and professional development.

But it’s not all about connecting online. The value is strengthened when the communities meet in person and collaborate on mutual projects of interest. This is why I founded Third Place (www.meetup.com/Third-Place), an informal social networking and co-working community of Australian Learning Professionals to meet, share and learn from each other in five Australian cities in Melbourne, Newcastle, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney.